Managing claims is all we do

What is a TPA?

In today’s complex insurance industry, Third Party Claims Administrators (TPAs) help insurers, government, corporations and self-insured companies reduce the cost of claims and secure better outcomes for all involved.

The TPA model emphasises streamlined claims management and prompt finalisation of claims. The data collected during the claims management process allows prompt analysis of risk factors. Benefits include:

  • Faster, more focused claims management
  • Lower overheads and reduced cost
  • Immediate access to highly-trained specialist claims administrators
  • Improving control over claims outcomes
  • Safeguarding customer relationships and protecting brand reputation.

But not all TPAs are the same. As part of one of the largest TPAs in the world, we wrote the book on outsourced claims administration. Through our singular focus on claims management, we offer specialist claims staff, unique processes and powerful technology that deliver exceptional claims outcomes.

We’re as passionate about your firm’s customers and corporate reputation as you are, which makes us the first choice among TPAs.