Rise and Shine

Waking up is hard to do; there’s no denying it. Especially in winter, as the days get shorter and the mornings cooler, it can be all too tempting to hide in bed repeatedly tapping the snooze button or camp under the covers scrolling your social media feed while you delay the inevitable.

Is this really the best way to start the day though?

We’ve previously looked at how healthy bedtime habits can promote better sleep and reduce fatigue in the workplace – this time we’re taking a look at some simple things to help you and your employees wake up on the right side of the bed for a happier and healthier work day.

Tip 1 – The coffee can wait; first hydrate

Proper hydration is critical for good health all day long, but this is especially true first thing in the morning after a long night with no fluid intake.

Skipping the water and hitting the coffee first thing in the morning is a bit like doing an intense workout without warming up first – your body just isn’t ready for that blast of caffeinated energy.

Drinking a glass of water before your cup of coffee can help rehydrate your body and rev your metabolism. If you don’t drink water until later, you’re more likely to become dehydrated throughout the day, which can lead to confusion, fatigue, and dizziness.

Tip 2 – Lighten up

Every wonder why it’s so much harder to wake up in winter when it’s darker in the mornings?

Humans evolved waking up and falling asleep with the sun; light, especially natural light, still has a powerful impact on our internal clocks.

If you can, step outside into the sunlight for a few minutes as soon as possible after getting out of bed (this is the perfect time to enjoy your morning glass of water!).  If this isn’t an option, open the shades or turn on an electric light. Whatever you can do to kickstart your circadian rhythm.

Tip 3 – Find your morning groove

Music can have a powerful effect on our emotions, and this in turn can improve our outlook.

Whether dancing up a storm while making breakfast or singing along in the shower, having a morning playlist is an easy way to brighten your mornings and start the day with a positive mindset.

As a bonus, why not create a morning playlist for your company on Spotify or YouTube and let team members submit songs for inclusion.

Tip 4 – Move it and shake it

The jury is still out on the best time of day to hit the gym, some people swear by the morning workout while other experts recommend exercising at the end of the day.

We’re on the fence on this one, but we do recommend incorporating at least 2-3 minutes of light movement into your morning routine to kickstart your metabolism and help you shake off morning grogginess.

You should already have your morning playlist blazing at this point, so an easy way to get moving is by dancing along to your favourite track. For the rhythm impaired some stretching or light yoga will also do the trick, or even a couple of minutes worth of jumping jacks.

Tip 5 – Make your bed!

Water, light, music, movement…bed making. While this tip might feel a little less zen than the previous four it’s actually our secret ingredient for early-morning inner-peace!

Starting your day out by achieving a goal, even a small one like making the bed, has been shown to significantly elevate your mood.

This list is all about starting your day with a healthy routine, both physically and mentally. Making the bed properly only takes a couple of minutes, but completing this task can add a real sense of accomplishment to your morning routine and set the scene for a day full of far greater accomplishments.

Now – spread the word

Proper hydration, find the sunlight, play something upbeat, get some light exercise and make your bed properly – that’s our recipe for the perfect healthy morning routine and it’ll have you and your team members arriving at work happier, healthier and ready to perform.

To help you spread the word we’ve created a poster/flyer you can use in your workplace to help promote these five morning habits.