How Retailers Can Reduce Claim Cost Using An On-Site Mobile Portal

Technology has been assisting retailers to improve their in-store experience.  One way stores have been doing this is using tablets, so employees can check on inventory and product selection both in-store and online to better assist customers.

But could this have an effect on the claims experience, as well?

One of our US retail clients recently began distributing tablets across their stores – which was recognized as an opportunity to not only improve sales figures, but also claims figures.

Every minute spent away reporting a claim cost this retailer $11 in sales – adding up over time to be a significant amount.

GB began customizing an online claim reporting portal for in-store tablets our client could white-list on their intranet in June 2017.

After developing custom forms, our client only has to answer questions specific to the type of claim, saving valuable time. Starting in October, the mobile portal was rolled out throughout the country – and stores now use it to report all incidents.

Incident reporting is now much more efficient, allowing the manager to stay with the customer, while all claim documents, pictures, and videos are sent straight to GB. This has reduced the time spent reporting an incident by 17 minutes.

Above all else, customer experience is at the heart of retail – when a customer enters an establishment, they expect to be treated respectfully and valued. And if they file an incident report? That’s also part of the customer experience.

By using mobile devices to report claims on-site, our aforementioned retailer’s customers experienced a 50% reduction in time spent reporting their incidents.

Have you considered using a mobile reporting tool in your claims program as a reporting tool? It just might save you time, money, and reputation.

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