Our non-work injuries solution

ACC Non-work injuries

In July 2013 ACC launched a pilot to allow a number of self insured employers to have non-work injuries managed by an approved Third Party Administrator (TPA) such as Gallagher Bassett.

During the pilot there has been over 5,000 non-work claims outsourced by ACC.  With positive results and feedback from employers and employees, ACC has made a decision to permanently embed the outsourcing of non-work injuries.


Who is able to participate in the non-work component of the programme?

Employers who currently participate in the Accredited Employer Programme and use a third party to manage their claims will be able to extend their participation to non-work injuries.

What are the benefits for employers and employees?

The results of the pilot have shown that GB is able to significantly reduce time off work for non-work injuries. Feedback from some employers show that the consistent approach of having GB managing non-work claims reduces days off work by more than 10 days per claim.

Other benefits for employers include:

  • A single point of contact for work and non-work claims
  • Case Managers that have knowledge of employers’ processes and personnel
  • Less administrative work for the employers Health and Safety, and HR employees due to GB’s familiarity with systems and processes
  • Superior rehabilitation and return to work outcomes for injured employees
  • No additional cost for employers (GB is paid by ACC in respect of non-work claims)
  • Significant reduction in costs for employers
  • No additional audit obligations. The contract for services is between GB and ACC.

What is the non-work claims process?

The process for managing non-work claims is aimed at reducing the time employees are away from work, and also simplifying the administration time for employers internally. In summary the process for non-work injuries is:

  1. Injury occurs outside of work and the claim is submitted to the treating Medical Practitioner
  2. The claim is sent to ACC who make the cover decision
  3. If the claim is accepted and time off work is greater than 7 days the claim is sent to GB (on average within 1 working day following notification to ACC)
  4. GB contact the injured worker and the employer within 2 working days to discuss injury and rehabilitation options
  5. The employer gets involved in rehabilitation to the extent that they choose to.  Please note, the audit standard requirements for work injuries do not apply to non-work injuries. Put simply, if the employer does not have duties available, employer involvement can be minimal. There is significant flexibility in the management of non-work claims and the degree in which the employer needs to be involved in the process
  6. GB liaises directly with the employer’s payroll in relation to any weekly compensation required.  All payment details are provided in the required format.  This reduces time for payroll staff and results in quicker payments for injured workers.

How to Participate?

To connect with an expert and find out more information about non-work injury outsourcing and what GB can do to help please lodge an enquiry.