Proven experience transitioning employers to the Accredited Employer Programme

Accredited Employer Programme

The ACC Accredited Employer Programme allows large employers to take on the responsibility of managing their own workplace health and safety, including claims management and rehabilitation of their own employees following a work injury.

Gallagher Bassett provides an end-to-end service for employers who self insure their work-related injuries and participate in the ACC Accredited Employer Programme. GB’s services include claims lodgement and closure, initial contact and needs assessments, assessments of weekly compensation and other entitlements.

We have a highly knowledgeable, experienced team of claims managers who make it easy for you to manage the administration of work-related injuries. Our Case Managers average nine years ACC claims experience.

Claims Lodgement and Initial Contact

GB understand that early intervention is essential to reducing return to work durations. We provide proactive and fast service with a guarantee that all claims are processed within 24 hours and within 48 hours we will make initial contact with any claimant with lost time.


Where a rehabilitation need is identified, an experienced Case Manager is appointed within 48 hours. The Case Manager will:

  • Discuss an initial plan of action with your injured worker, and arrange a time to establish a rehabilitation plan, including their manager, within the first 7 days. This focuses attention on treatment and return to work at the outset of the claim.
  • Provide a quality-driven service and have in-depth knowledge of legislation and rehabilitation related to workplace injuries.
  • Provide legal guidance in a dispute situation, our medico-legal expertise allows us to provide support.

ACC Accredited Employer Programme at a glance

The ACC Accredited Employer Programme encourages employers to take responsibility for their own:

  • Workplace health and safety
  • Injury management, including rehabilitation
  • Claims management of employees’ work injuries.

Taking on these responsibilities means employers can:

  • Minimise specific costs of work-related personal injury
  • Raise the level of workplace health and safety management.

In return for taking on these responsibilities employers are entitled to a downward levy adjustment. There are two options available depending on how much risk the employer wishes to carry.  These options are the Partnership Discount Plan and the Full Self-Cover Plan.  Under the Partnership discount plan the employer assumes the management and financial responsibility for their nominated claims management period.  Under the Full Self Cover option the employer assumes financial responsibility for the life of the claim subject to chosen high cost claim cover and stop loss limits.

Eligibility to join the ACC Accredited Employer Programme

Any employer can apply for entry to the ACC Accredited Employer Programme, although it is more suitable for employers that employ over 200 employees or pay in excess of $100k in annual ACC Work Levy.

The Programme is available to employers who meet specified criteria centered on their:

  • Experience in managing occupational health and safety issues
  • Commitment to injury prevention
  • Understanding of the importance of rehabilitation.

GB can assist an employer in determining whether the Accredited Employer Programme is a viable option. There is no cost to provide this service and GB will give you information on estimated savings, responsibilities and how you can gain more control, and better outcomes for your employees but also reduce your financial risk exposure under ACC.

Next Steps

To connect with an expert and find out whether the Accredited Employer Programme is suitable for your business please lodge an enquiry.