ACC claims management experts

ACC Claims Management

Gallagher Bassett provides an end-to-end service for employers who participate in the Accredited Employer Programme.  GB’s services include claims lodgement and closure, initial contact and needs assessments, assessments of weekly compensation and other entitlements.

We have a highly knowledgeable, experienced team of claims managers who make it easy for you to manage the administration of work-related injuries.  Our Case Managers average nine years ACC claims experience.

Claims Lodgement and Initial Contact

GB understand that early intervention is essential to reducing return to work durations. We provide proactive and fast service with a guarantee that all claims are processed within 24 hours and within 48 hours we will make initial contact with the claimant.


Where a rehabilitation need is identified, an experienced Case Manager is appointed within 48 hours. The Case Manager will:

  • Make contact with the injured worker and work with them to develop a rehabilitation plan in consultation with the employer and employee that will assist the injured employee’s return to work in a safe and timely manner.
  • Provide a quality-driven service and have in-depth knowledge of legislation and rehabilitation related to workplace injuries.
  • Provide legal guidance in a dispute situation, our medico-legal expertise allows us to provide support.

Reporting and administration

GB has a custom-built injury management system which gives us the ability to:

  • Provide timely and accurate reports to employers and ACC
  • Customise reports to meet the needs of employers
  • Automate the monitoring of workload timeframes
  • Ensure prompt payment to providers.

The foundation of our claims administration model can be summarised as ‘Early Everything’. This involves:

  • Early notification
  • Early proactive contact
  • Early triage
  • Early intervention
  • Early payments
  • Early return to work.

GB achieves this through our proven early intervention and proactive role in the identification and analysis of incidents that have the potential to lead to expensive and protracted claims.

This is the key difference between an incident that is managed by a GB professional and one that is simply processed for underwriting or reporting purposes.

Our over 52 years of experience has shown a significant link between the early notification and investigation of claims and reduced return to work durations.

Next Steps

We have an established and transparent process in place to ensure the transition of your business is effective and seamless. To connect with an expert and find out more about our services please lodge an enquiry.