Gallagher Bassett NZ’s Marine Loss Division completes 1,000 claims reviews

Following the acquisition of Auckland-headquartered Symetri Ltd, Gallagher Bassett (GB) has offered loss adjusting of the marine industry throughout New Zealand. This month, the team completed its 1,000th marine assessment.

Martin Croucher, GB’s lead Marine Loss Adjustor for New Zealand, is an experienced marine assessor, and spoke of GB’s capability within marine claims

‘GB assesses most of these claims from their offices; however, if the repair value rises or if structural repair is involved, we conduct an onsite assessment. If salvage is required, we make the arrangements and supervise it to ensure every step is controlled and measured.’

Katherine Johnson, GB’s General Manager of General Insurance, speaks highly our Marine Loss Adjusting team and the opportunity for growth in this market,

“The achievement of this milestone is a fantastic testament to the work Martin has been doing within the marine industry across the country. As a specialist division, we are keen to continue working with insurance companies and growing this service as a response to market needs.”

On average GB’s Marine Loss Adjustors arrange and attend approximately 20-25 major salvage operations per year. In seven years, they have retrieved two stolen boats, one Jet Ski and an expensive outboard motor. The most common claims are usually outboards hitting rocks and Jet Skis running aground. To read about a recent marine salvage Martin worked on, click here.

GB’s Marine Loss division engages in arranging any sea-born or aerial salvage, detailing:

  • The cause and the event that lead to the damage
  • Any scope for repair
  • Assessment of damage
  • The cause and liability
  • Reporting this information to the relevant insurance company.

Our team works with a range of providers and contractors including boat builders, divers, helicopter pilots and tug boat companies. Additionally, our cloud-based propriety system enables customised claims and project management solutions.

Our systems are scalable and streamlined with integrated online capability with all of our services being customised for your business. Our Assessors have more than 30 years’ experience in the marine assessing industry. If you would like to have a discussion with GB about how we can help, contact us today.