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Pre-paid and pre-arranged Funeral Benefits

GB has more than 10 years’ experience in providing management and day to day administration services, including new application processing and benefit payments, to the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand (FDANZ) Funeral Trust.

A pre-arranged funeral organised through the FDANZ Funeral Trust is a secure way to pre-plan and pre-pay for your funeral.  The Trust has been established by the FDANZ to assist anyone to make arrangements for their funeral.

The Benefits of a Pre-Arranged Funeral

Peace of mind

A pre-arranged funeral through the FDANZ Funeral Trust will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your wishes are understood, your funeral details are in good hands and the financial burden has been addressed.

Security of Funds

The money that you pay now for your pre-arranged funeral is held in Trust for you in the FDANZ Funeral Trust.  The FDANZ Funeral Trust has been established by the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand.

You decide

Your arrangements are personal to you – in conjunction with your FDANZ Funeral Director, you decide what you want.

Protect your family

Your family and loved ones are relieved of the responsibility of making difficult decisions in very emotional circumstances.

Financial Benefit

Up to $10,000 in a pre-paid funeral plan is excluded from asset testing (under current government policy) when assessing eligibility for a subsidy for long term residential care for the elderly.

Want to know more?

To find out more please go to the FDANZ website.