Claims management experts

Claims Management

Gallagher Bassett’s claims management approach has been developed to account for the unique requirements of claims portfolios with ongoing benefit payments in addition to managing medical costs.

GB promotes recovery and the health benefits of recovery at work where possible, and provides retraining and reskilling for suitable alternative employment where appropriate. Where requested we can provide additional support and care for the claimants transitioning to new roles, including job seeking and vocational programs where supported by policy wording.

Our approach to claims management, summarised in the diagram below, is founded on principles that are applied to the engagement, collaborative planning and decision making process, against which claims management activities are evaluated.Claims ManagementAs long term absence and work disability are harmful to physical and mental health outcomes, our focus is to concentrate on ensuring recovery at work, return to alternative work and a return to financial independence as soon as practicably possible.

Claims Management Model

GB’s claims management model (CMM) for claims is designed to support the achievement of five key objectives which, in combination, will deliver the best possible life outcomes for our customers, while driving sustainable financial benefits.

They are:

  1. Recovery at work
  2. Return to work
  3. Engagement of key stakeholders involved in a claim
  4. Outcomes-focused decision making
  5. Active participation of the claimant in the community.