We take pride... in who we are and what we do

Pride of Gallagher – Values in Action

During recent work to understand our culture and the impact of The Gallagher Way, pride was identified as a particularly important factor. So we went a step further and asked some staff to describe what it was that made them proud – here’s what they said:

Joey Yu, Return to Work Specialist

‘Part of this team because we’ve been through some tough times together and we’ve managed to pull ourselves out of it – the team’s morale is at an all time high.

Part of GB because the company has the values I share; this makes getting up in the morning to go to work that much easier.

I am proud of my contribution today because I know I’ve made a positive difference in making our business grow.

I am proud of my work today because I’ve had some great outcomes and great feedbacks from both my peers and from our clients.’

Alex Carson, Assistant Case Manager

‘Belong to this team because of the culture and the colleagues around me. We all respect each other equally and are always willing to drop what we are doing to help each other out. I am very happy to be part of it.

Be part of GB because of the great company values and the wonderful support that I have had throughout my time here. I will always remember GB for the opportunities given to grow within the business and the people here that have helped.

I am proud of my contribution today because I feel I have had an impact not just in my team but through out the business. I have worked on various projects and feel that my hard work has helped to drive positive business outcomes.

And of my work today because  I feel that my colleagues trust and can rely on me to get the job done.’

JoJo Kwok, Case Manager

‘Part of this team because of the people that make my team a family. My colleagues play an integral part each of our triumphs we accomplish each and every day by supporting each other through the struggles so that we can strive for the best.

And part of GB because it is an environment that promotes growth on multiple levels, it is a workplace that not only values flexibility, strength and courage but also nurtures tenacity and a never give up attitude.

I am proud of my contribution today because I support my peers and much as they support me. It is through our pride in our work and our dedication towards each other that we are able to build such strong relationships and forge on ahead.

And my work today because each day with GB I face the challenges and strive to do my best along with all my colleagues.’